Project Description

„Improvement of the facial aesthetic with orthodontics/orthopedic treatments”

–                                         –

„As orthodontists we need to know that our specialty is not only based on teeth. Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedic is a 33% Teeth, 33% Hard tissue and 33% Soft tissue, for that reason when we are making our treatment plan we can not forget it. In this Conference I want to clarify what we can expect of patients growth and with aging as well, we are going to learn how to maintain the smile and the aesthetic of our patients for a long time.”

Dr. Carlos Colino

  • Partener în cazuri ortodontice împreună cu Dr. Peri Colino la Clinica Dental Colino 2014 – prezent
  • Tehnician Superior în Igiena Orală cu o experiență de peste zece ani
  • Extremadura Health Service
  • Profesor de ortodonție la OOA
  • Autorul primului capitol al Ortodoncia Ciencia y Evidencia, Atlantis 2019.