Project Description

„Successful dentist – What skills do we need?”

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„In order to become a good dentist it is vitally important to have all the theoretical and practical skills that are necessary in the job. However some skills we need are often not learned in dental (or any other) school and they represent the key factors for the satisfaction during the course of our careers. The talk will include defining success and what are the A,B and C type of goals. It will also focus on the importance of failure and perseverance as integral parts of success in your career.”

Dr. Ana Stevanović

  • Directorul Educației Profesionale și Dezvoltării la Curaden AG, 2016-prezent
  • Absolventă a facultății de Medicina Dentară a Universității din Nis, Serbia
  • Fost Președinte EDSA, 2011-2012
  • Fost Secretar General EDSA, 2010-2011
  • Instructor iTOP Curaden AG, 2011-2013